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8Bit Box Double Rumble

8Bit Box: Double Rumble, an expansion for the 8Bit Box simulation kit, is reminiscent of fighting arcade games of old. Players need to confront the bad guys facing them, either in a solitaire game or playing co-operatively with one other player, in o…

$24.95 $22.46

Batman Miniature Game - Batwoman

$30.99 $27.90

Batman Miniature Game - Bronze Tiger

Trained under the guidance of the O-Sensei, Bronze Tiger is the world’s greatest martial artist! An erstwhile ally to Batman, he has fought on both sides of the law as part of both the League of Assassins and the Suicide Squad. This new blister pac…

$24.99 $22.50

Batman Miniature Game - The Dark Knight Rises Game Box

The Dark Knight Rises A comprehensive starter set, this box is packed full of models and accessories – everything you need to start playing the Batman Miniature Game. Based on the events in the Dark Knight Rises movie, this boxed set contains tw…

$209.99 $189.00

Batman Miniature Game - The White Knight & Two Face

Also from The Dark Knight movie comes this special Two-Face blister. Containing two models, this set allows Brave and the Bold forces to include Harvey Dent, the White Knight as a Free Agent, while the flip side of the coin is his deadly alter-ego, T…

$38.99 $35.09

Batman Miniature Game - Tumbler & Batpod

A copy of The Dark Knight Rises boxed game is required to use the contents of this expansion. The Tumbler – a prototype armored tank designed as a bridging vehicle for the military. Developed by Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Science division, its…

$72.99 $65.70

Batman Miniature Game - Why So Serious

Continuing the theme of the fan-favourite Nolan movie series, this boxed set presents a full Joker crew for BMG. Released for the first time in our display-quality resin, the new Heath Ledger Joker leads his gang of Clown henchmen to sow chaos on the…

$64.99 $58.50

Captain Sonar Upgrade One

Captain Sonar: Upgrade One Expansion is the first expansion for the innovative and hit board game Captain Sonar. In Captain Sonar, up to eight players take on roles manning a submarine in a fierce battle against rival players. This new expansion adds…

$29.95 $26.96


Beseech the gods of Olympus and release the most powerful mythical creatures of ancient Greece as you claw your way to the top. Build armies and cities, hire scholars and priests, and be the first to build your metropolis. Only by creating the most m…

$119.95 $107.95

Cyclades Hades Expansion

Cyclades: Hades, an expansion for Cathala and Maublanc's Cyclades, consists of four modules that can be used individually or combined in various ways. In the Cyclades base game, players fight for domination over archipelagos in ancient Greece. They m…

$69.95 $62.96

Cyclades Monuments

Bring the grand temples, lighthouses, and citadels of Ancient Greece to your gaming table with the Monuments expansion for Cyclades. This small-box expansion enables players to construct monuments that offer lasting strategic advantages. Each sculpte…

$29.95 $26.96