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GKR Heavy Hitters Hapsi Can & Faction Dice (Purple Flavor)


Product Code9420024729731

This product will be shipping from 30 Sep 2019

Designed to be played with your Sweet & Salty Expansion pack, Hapsi Can is now available in purple. It includes 16 themed defence dice and 40 Holo-board Tags. Dentists hate us.

Robot Rumble left you thirsty?

We’ve sacrificed most of our adult teeth to bring you all-new Hapsi.

Now in a fragrant purple flavor, Hapsi’s mouthfeel is known to linger, aggressively. Which means you can enjoy it for longer

When you’ve got an itch only Hapsi can scratch, try Hapsi. Then try it in Purple*.


Stainless steel Hapsi can
Built-in flip spout and straw – doubles as a drink bottle!
Height: 5.5”
Circumference: 2.8” (at widest point)

1 x Hapsi Can (stainless steel)
8 x Ultrasweet Defense Dice
20 x Ultrasweet Translucent Holo-board Tags
8 x Supersalty Defense Dice
20 x Supersalty Translucent Holo-board Tags
All contents are designed to be played with your Sweet & Salty Factions Expansion pack.